Grupo Perelló is a group based in Mallorca formed by seven beverage distribution companies for hotel and catering businesses.

With exclusive brands such as Mahou, Alambra, Krombacher, Franziscaner, Bitburger, Schweppes, La Casera, Solan de Cabras and Lanjarón, among others, and a turnover of over 30 million euros, it is the leading distribution company on the island.

Antonio Perelló Distribuciones - Caso de éxito Timonel Consulting


In 2021, after the manager of the Perelló Group passed away, and with the uncertainty caused by the Pandemic (Covid 2019), the family decided to start a process to sell the company.


Main functions of Timonel Consulting

Timonel Consulting is hired to organise, plan and lead the sales process:

  • Company Group valuation
  • Preparation of the documentation (sale booklet)
  • Investor search
  • Support in the Due Diligence and information request
  • Negotiation and closing of the operation

Benefits/advantage for the Client

Grupo Perelló received high-level financial advice throughout the entire sales process of the company:

  • Preparing the company to start the sale process: placing the company in the optimal conditions to start the sale process, maximising its value.
  • Provide support throughout the sale process: document preparation, due diligence support, negotiation and transaction closing.
  • Greater focus on the business without the distractions of the sales process.


Grupo Perelló, composed of seven companies and one property, closed the sale with Mahou S.A. twelve months after initiating the sales process of the company.

“Timonel Consulting is team, work, availability and professionalism. The great experience they have in the financial world makes you feel safe at all times. With them we have successfully carried out the sale of our business.”

María Francisca Perelló – Grupo Perelló Distribuciones Manager